Tao Porchon’s secret to life: “I don’t allow negative thoughts to materialize.”


Tao Porchon is known to be the world’s oldest yoga instructor and she is an inspiration all over the world to people who wishes to stay as young as she. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion. But the solution is almost as easy. Tao’s secret is to keep negative thought out of her life. 


  • You’ve been practising yoga since a young age, do you realize any differences in your body now while practising?

Yoga has been such a part of my life that I’m more convinced that it takes me through all the hurdles of life. My body stays pretty much the way I envisage it. It only changes when you put negative thoughts in your mind.

  •   How do you think yoga improved your life and your body? Can you imagine what  you be doing if you weren’t practising?

If I weren’t practicing yoga I’d be dancing. Yoga is the sap of the tree to make the blossoms grow on a tree. Yoga and dancing go hand in hand with life.


  • You said in a former interview that fear and negative thoughts can materialize. Have you ever experienced that? If so, how did you moved past it?

I don’t allow negative thoughts to materialize. I start off my day by not procrastinating and doing what I believe. Don’t say “I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.”


  • You are known to follow a vegetarian diet. How do you think it affects a person’s health?

I’m not a vegetarian in the sense its thought of in the present. I believe Mother Nature provides me with all the fruits and vegetables to eat correctly. I don’t believe in killing anything.


  • Why do you think people fear getting old? Do you think age has any affect on you?

People talk so much about this and allow it to affect them. I think we can protect that by not thinking about getting old  or age. I don’t think about age at all. There’s not enough time to think about it with all that I accomplish in a day.   Live and know that tomorrow never comes. Live for the moment!


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