Letter to the editor


(This assignment is written in response to this Guardian article. )


Olymics were just a cover-up


To the editor,

As one of the anti-Olympics activists mentioned in your article about the decision on 2020 Olympics, I felt like I needed to explain my reasons.

Like you mentioned in your article, the protests against the demolish of one of İstanbul’s biggests parks was just a few months before the selection of 2020 Olympics. But as Turkish news website T24 claimed, even after  5 deaths during the protests and before being chosen for The Olympics, İstanbul was already getting “suitable” for the big event. These pre-arrengements were so-called safety belts that the city would get ready for The Olymics in time if it was chosen.

Right now in İstanbul,  the less fortunate groups who are living next to İstanbul’s main square Taksim are losing their homes for urban transformation and the forests in the north of the city are being demolished for nuclear facilities. These are all things that are trying to be sold as positive changes to the public. If the city was chosen to host The Olymipcs, it was going to be another great reason for the goverment to do whatever they want and hide it. 


Aslı Bildirici



Merdivenli Street No:9

Balat İstanbul


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