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InDesign Exercise

This one is a real recipe. So feel free to try. Advertisements

A Pyschologist In Media: “It is not a journalist’s job to be a pyschologist.”

  21-year old International Journalism minor Maude says discovering more about human mind has it ups and downs for a journalist.   When she is asked if we need to keep on using classic media or move on to social media. Maude says “I think we need both. People are used to old journalism. It […]

Photojournalism InDesign Exercise

  Sorry that there is nothing decent to read on it.

Young Eskimo Tries Catching Moon

  An unidentified young eskimo in Iceland wanted to capture the moon to use it as a source of light for their village. A crowd which was aiming to end the lamp oil consumption in Akureyri, Iceland tried to catch the moon last week. When a young man suggested that it can produce enough light […]