A month after I moved to Holland, I still wasn’t used to the city and I was starting to feel  homesick. It is almost impossible to feel secure in an unknown city. The day I saw Theater Tuschinski for the first time, I remembered why I moved here. The building had so many details on […]

  Until recently it was mandatory  for all students in Turkey from different ethnic backgrounds to say that they are Turkish every morning.  Everyday before class all children would stand in rows regardless of the weather and read what is called “Our Oath” out loud. “Let my existence be a present to the Turkish existence. […]

  Tao Porchon is known to be the world’s oldest yoga instructor and she is an inspiration all over the world to people who wishes to stay as young as she. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion. But the solution is almost as easy. Tao’s secret is to keep negative thought out of her life.  […]

While doing research for one of the articles in the Change magazine, I had some questions about the changes our bodies go through in time. So I turned to someone who has plenty of experience when it comes to pyshical change and crisis, 77-year-old runner Allen Leigh. He was kind enough to answer my questions. […]

  “It was exciting to watch the tape roll.”   When a reader has a problem with a story in one of the most read daily newspapers in Turkey “Hürriyet”, all eyes turn to Faruk Bildirici who is 57 years old and been a journalist fort he last 30 years. Today he offers his experience […]

The tuberculosis test, required for the residence permission in the Netherlands, is part of the visa application and is questioned by many students. Some of them just do not feel comfortable during the procedure. Others do not agree with the nationality division. Below, there are some testimonials of international students who faced the test and […]

  (This assignment is written in response to this Guardian article. )   Olymics were just a cover-up   To the editor, As one of the anti-Olympics activists mentioned in your article about the decision on 2020 Olympics, I felt like I needed to explain my reasons. Like you mentioned in your article, the protests against […]